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Public Speaking:

I love creating informative, engaging, interactive presentations where participants leave the workshop excited with their discoveries about themselves and their relationships.

I present to businesses and organizations and design all of the workshops around the specific needs of the people involved. Professionals receive valuable tools for creating the most productive teams, discovering new communication skills and increasing respect in the workplace.

Thank you Boston Children's Hospital for inviting me to present the workshop, Keep It Simple Silly ~ Holistic Techniques and Information to Make Life easier.

A big thank you to the New Hampshire Association of Naturopathic Doctors for inviting me to be a speaker at your 2015 conference.

Thank you to the Seacoast Women's Network for inviting me to present Business CPR to the wonderful women in the networking group.

Thank you to the Maine Dowser's Group for inviting me to present face reading concepts.

Thank you to the wonderful staff at Berwick Public Library for allowing me to present and record a face reading workshop.

Ginger B.

Workshops Ready to go at Your Center, Business Or Home:

Flower Essences With a Twist

This is a unique, one of a kind workshop combining flower essences and facial analysis!

It's one thing to understand your facial features and the behaviors, strengths and talents that go with them.

And when stress happens, it's easy to stray into an unhealthy place, denying your own abilities and coping skills.

That's where flower essences come in. They offer safe, gentle healing vibrations that bring you back into balance an allow you to reconnect with your true, innate nature and feel empowered again.

What a wonderful way to help yourself, your kids, your family and friends and your clients.

For more information on flower essences that are used for healing, go to Ginger's Options to Health business website:

More Face Reading Workshops Ready to Go:

Contact Ginger at 603-964-1813 for more information

Every Face Tells a story - What's Yours?

A 3 Hour Informative and Interactive Workshop or Party

  • Discover how your facial features describe your strengths, talents, gifts, career path, abilities and more.
  • Bring pictures of yourself and your family at different stages of life.
  • Bring an open mind.
  • Come willing to have fun.

Face Reading for Parents - Understanding Your Child's View of the World

  • Discover the facial traits that often change as a child becomes a teenager.
  • Why do children talk so much?
  • What does the size of a child's iris have to do with emotional expression?
  • And more.
  • Bring pictures of your children as well as family pictures.

I Love You But I Don't Get You!

Face Reading for Healthy Relationships

Bring a loved one and discover how to create the healthiest relationship by understanding certain facial traits.

Think you have a communication issue? You might be surprised to find out that it's your eyelids, not the lips, that determine how to keep the relationship strong and communication open!

Using facial analysis, we'll look at and discuss the facial structures that are so important in understanding:

  • Individual perception;
  • Communication;
  • Ways of handling stress;
  • Processing styles;
  • And more!